PS VR: Quick begin guide discover how to begin with PlayStation VR on PlayStationВ®5 and PlayStationВ®4 systems.

What you should begin

When you have purchased a brand new PlayStationВ®5 or PlayStationВ®4 console alongside PlayStation VR (PS VR), put up your console first by after the on-screen guidelines and then shut the system down before installing PS VR.

PS VR on PS5в„ў console

To try out PS VR on your own PS5 console, make use of the PlayStationВ®Camera adaptor. The adaptor can be acquired cost-free. To learn more, please check out:

Find your PS VR model out. Serial quantity on backside of Processor Unit starting with P01/P02

You will find directions to acquire started along with your PS VR within the following sections. Use the information below to identify which type of PS VR you have got.

Sliding address on Processor Unit.

Energy switch on in-line remote.

Solid Processor Device.

Serial quantity on back of Processor device starting with P03.

Energy button on underside of headset range.

Put up CUH-ZVR1

  1. Link the processor device to your TV with all the HDMI supplied with your system. The HDMI from your console and plug it into the processor unit if your console is connected to your TV unplug.
  1. Link the PlayStation Camera to your PS4 ( a PS is required by PS5 console camera adaptor). The perfect height to put it is 1.4m (4’7”) through the flooring.
  1. Plug the HDMI (1) in to the relative straight straight straight back associated with console as well as the processor device. If you use another HDMI, always check its packaging to ensure it is at the least HDMI 1.4. Read more