If London requires A trans that is separate pride exactly what does that say about LGBT solidarity?

‘London Trans Pride is observed being an addition to Pride in London, maybe not really a competing.’ Photograph: Maisie Marshall/Rex/Shutterstock

P ride in London is the 1 day of the season that the town seems I was so confused, embarrassed and alarmed when a small group of lesbians disrupted last year’s event with a protest against the inclusion of trans people like it belongs to LGBTQ+ people which was why. Their ads read “transactivism erases lesbians”. Pride in London quickly condemned the protests, but as being a lesbian and a feminist, we stressed that folks would think these protesters represented me personally. A lot more than that, we focused on just how all of it left trans individuals feeling.

Maybe, per year later on, we now have a clear solution. Plans when it comes to very first London Trans Pride happen established. Read more