‘I constantly struggled with monogamy’: the insiders’ view of polyamory

Aditya and Chiara. Photograph: Anna Gordon/The Guardian

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Chiara Giovanni, 24, is in a relationship with two different people. Her partner Aditya Sharad, 23, is monogamous.

Chiara: we constantly struggled with monogamy and discovered it quite restrictive. Also I wasn’t able to be monogamous and faithful though I was super-happy in my relationships. I made the decision to have a various tack. Once I came across Aditya we thought, I favor this individual and desire to cause them to become happy, and I also have to do this differently. Therefore I ended up being open from the beginning.

Ninety % of polyamory is speaking. Often i do believe, i wish to view a film! I don’t want to share our relationship once again. However it’s crucial that you manage to show your fears, instead of waiting around for the worst thing to occur.

We definitely think a lot more people will be polyamorous when they knew just what polyamory had been, and that it absolutely wasn’t only a stage, but valid and long-term and serious. At this time, I’m establishing up a right time for Aditya to generally meet my other partner, who’s located in the usa. Read more