15 Reasons Why This Gay Man Will be Monogamous never

Intimate exclusivity is just a deal-breaker in my situation.

He asked me personally, quite nonchalantly, if I became the “dating type.” We stated I became, however it depended in the man. We had been standing in the weights that are free learning our reflections into the mirror, perspiring abundantly. We later on came across at the Starbucks near the gymnasium.

After some chatting that is good we dropped the bomb. “I must alert you,” we said, “I’m difficult to date. That’s why we don’t often do it.” He asked the things I implied. We explained that I happened to be polyamorous and non-monogamous. The essential i possibly could provide him ended up being intimate exclusivity, at minimum for a bit, but i really could never ever be intimately exclusive to simply him. Intimate exclusivity had been a deal-breaker for me personally. Read more