I experienced no option but to confront my H aided by the e-mails We initially discovered.

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Iw ish I hadn’t confronted the OP. We just achieved it via e-mail and text about them intially, and then again after I found out they were continuing the relationship even though he had told me they were not after I found out. It felt good to jeopardize to tell her boyfriend in the event that girl anal dildo contact didn’t stop, plus it ended up being eventually the point that stopped them it didn’t make me feel better in the long run because she didn’t want to lose that to continue the EA with my husband, but. Read more

During my phone confrontation/discussion using the OW, she did offer me valuable information.

During the OW to my phone confrontation/discussion, she did offer me valuable information. My H insisted the EA had just been taking place for 6 months and therefore the OW had pursued him. She explained my H had initiated connection with her over an ago year. He finally admitted the OW was telling the truth when I confronted my H with this information. Learning these details challenge our recovery process significantly and also though it is been six months since D Day, we don’t trust my H one bit. Read more