Do Women Like Casual Sex? Liking casual sex and wanting it could be two various things.


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Hookup intercourse has absolutely held it’s place in the news headlines lately—especially after some current studies advised that ladies are less inclined to have orgasms in casual intercourse compared to intercourse by having a partner that is regular.

But i am skeptical whenever anyone equates “liking sex” with “having sexual climaxes.” Relating to a lot of women in my training, without having an orgasm with a partner on a provided evening doesn’t invariably rule it away as great intercourse. As being a intercourse specialist, i am biased. Certainly one of the best definitions of a sex specialist is an individual who spends a lot of his expert life urging partners never to make too large a hassle about sexual climaxes.

The name associated with the article, though, lingers within my head: “Do women like sex that is casual”

The question reminds me personally of just one that my buddies and I would frequently talk about as soon as we had been fifteen: Do females like intercourse after all? As my buddies and I also had already noticed at 15, females don’t generally pursue intercourse in identical direct means that a man might.

Today’s intimate researchers nevertheless have a problem with the riddle of feminine desire that is sexual. Based on sex that is distinguished Dr. Marta Meana, behavioral boffins nevertheless have actually no great way of defining women’s desire. Read more