He’s Perhaps Perhaps Maybe Not Gay, He’s Got Gay Tendencies. You’ve got concerns? He’s got answers! Require advice?

The thing is, Ms. Small-Town-Confusion, we put guys like your friend into the group of, He’s Not Gay, But he’s got Gay Tendencies. The reason by that is their mannerisms and actions would make one instantly assume, based entirely on observation, they have been homosexual. Yet, while you become familiar with these males, have actually discussion, and go out using them, you find they may not be homosexual, they truly are just somewhat effeminate. And, it can be on the basis of the reality they consult with a lisp, utilize their fingers if they talk, carry man-bags, and like being well-groomed. Those don’t make a person homosexual.

Even liking Kayne West doesn’t equal gay. He makes good music. But, in the event the guy is performing in a falsetto vocals, tracks by, Whitney Houston and Beyonce, in which he understands the routine to “Single Ladies, ” then uhm, woman, he could be gay.

But, i actually do like he had been upfront to you as he said people think he’s homosexual, and asked in the event that you had an issue along with it. Read more