Nest thermostats & Taco SR-504 Switching Relay. There is apparently another glitch turning up utilizing the Nest.


over time battery pack voltage falls and needs to be recharged. With regards to goes in that recharge mode it brings a lot of present. I am hearing rumors that a maximum of two Nests per 40 VA transformer.

Any experience or information on that concern?

2 Nests per 40 VA.Been here, complete that.

Have actually six Nests in the home.

We have one operating on A sr-506 that is old with regarding the areas that just had 18-2 running in their mind.

one other areas are driven through the fresh Air Conditioning part for the Nest.Absolutely no issues with fall outs. The thermostats are 99 per cent available in the software.

On customers systems, we make an effort to pull at the least 5 cable, frequently seven wire. Read more