Progressively, parents include cornered us and asked me questions in regards to the college admissions process and the college-bound adolescence. While these questions tend to be varied, and often specific as they relate to their very own circumstances, at this point is my directory the Top ten most enquired questions:

  1. What should I do to help you my ‘average’ student stand out and get accepted to college? The good thing is that the admission application will not be all about pas. They look in the overall imagine: grades, SEATED scores, homework, student continue, and job interviews. There will wind up being a college the fact that recognizes price and prospective. Grades are very important, but they tend to be not the ONLY way to distribute yourself.
  2. Should I fill in the FAFSA even though In my opinion we help to make too much money to be approved for federal loans? YES. WITHOUT A DOUBT. YES. The actual FAFSA are what colleges make usage of to determine your own personal EFC (Expected Family Contribution) which is used to determine the financial aid deal. This offer is NOT just govt aid. They have composed of allows, scholarships and even loans (much of which is usually merit-aid completely from the educational institutions themselves). If you don’t fill it out, your teen aren’t get The actual that money.
  3. Very own teen isn’t really motivated to help make good levels, how can I boost him/her to endeavor harder? They should be be committed to the process. Read more