The Essay Format Example for Excellent Writing

Essays are commonly assigned for homework at high schools, colleges, and universities. The reality is that writing them is certainly not easy. However, you could get insights into how exactly to write a essay that is good understanding the basic format of an essay. This might be particularly true for students that are learning English as a language that is second.

The standard Structure of an Essay

A essay that is good in English follows the format of five-paragraphs:

  • The paragraph that is first the introduction

Here, the writer presents some background information about this issue. The essential thing that is important the introduction is the thesis statement, that will be a sentence that directly answers the essay question. It is almost always the past sentence into the paragraph that is first.

  • Paragraphs 2-4 of this essay will be the body paragraphs.

They serve to provide evidence pertaining to your thesis. On paper the body, the writer must be sure that it starts with a topical sentence, which has the main idea/ argument when it comes to paragraph. The subsequent sentences when you look at the paragraph want to elaborate from the sentence that is topical. Most of the time, it really is ideal to present citations to your elaborations you are making following the topical sentence. The last sentence in the paragraph should conclude your argument.

  • The fifth or the concluding paragraph

It restates but will not duplicate the thesis statement. In addition gives a directory of the points that are main your body regarding the paper.

Although this format example might work for high-school essays, college and university-level essays are sometimes longer and require a modification of format. Additionally, it is important to note there are different types of essays such as for example narrative, descriptive, expository, and essays that are persuasive. Read more